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Research and Studies
  • Economic Research Center at the BCCI – specifically and briefly – represents the supporting arm to the BCCI in its’ representative and consultative endeavors, to be derived from the department specialized and professional nature of exhibited tasks and responsibilities which is very much depending on Scientific Research and Aimed Studies. This can only be achieved through the department strong bonds and involvements with the BCCI other vital departments and committees feeding their information and requirements reflecting the private sector issues, needs, and goodwill to the department as a main hub to study, analyze and provide its view, recommendations, and render its various contributions as a Research and Studies Department to facilitate the decision making process.
    In a nut shell, the department main role is to furnish and provide the BCCI and its committees and departments with the proposed views, prospective, opinions and recommendations towards the divergent issues relevant to the massive body of committees embodying the private sector, to be raised with authorities and other stakeholders, and to facilitate decision making. This is made possible through submitting the necessary research papers, economical reports and memorandums to participate in different events and forums, relevant surveys and statistics, economical speeches, releases and reports to the local media.

    Hence, the Studies Department main responsibilities are as follows:

    - Research Papers:
    Resolving a topic in a unique and integral way, uncovering problems, proposing solutions, within a certain research framework employing various research methods through which the final conclusions and recommendations are driven.
    - Surveys and Questionnaires:
    Conducted as a part of planned studies to uncover certain issues and/or dimensions and to seek more information as its targeting a set of respondents constituting a sample for the study subject. The list of a research or survey questions are designed to extract specific information around certain variables, and It serves to collect the appropriate data , make data comparable and amenable to analysis to arrive at a final conclusion and to envisage possible solutions, this in relevant to the various sectors represented by their committees and/or in cooperation with other BCCI departments or centers specialized in certain areas of interest, or uncovering macro- level problems and/or phenomenon.

    - Statistics and Analysis:
    Statistics are obtained from national or international official sources, or extracted from processing the outcome of planned surveys and questionnaires, these statistics furnish the ground for decision making, and/or further research and analysis.

    - Economic Researches:
    Providing research on today’s economic policies, tomorrow's economic and financial conditions.

    - Memorandums & Economical points of views:
    Formal Economic point of view about Economic proposals, polices, strategies, laws, agreements or programs to be raised to authorities presenting the BCCI views and recommendations. For example: The BCCI’s memorandums on Scientific Research & The Development Strategy, and The GCC’s Non-Oil Export Strategy, etc.

    - Economical Speeches:
    Official speeches produced to BCCI high level representations on trade and economic delegations, participating in forums, conferences, local and international consultative meetings.

    - Press Releases and Interviews:
    Press, news, media releases, press statements and interviews directed to the board members and the executive body related to practical economic subject.

    - Booklets and Publications:
    Booklets and periodical publications prepared and released by the department.

    - Students and Researchers support and help point:
    Supporting researchers and college students by providing relevant economic data and information, and possibly responding to their questionnaires. Directing interested researchers and paving the way to conduct scientific studies tackling real world private sector and local economy related issues and problems and most recent developments; this is in an effort to support the role of scientific research in the growth and development of the local economy.

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