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Overview of BCCI

 Over 75 years Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry is deemed to be the main representative of the private sector with its deep rooted history of years and the voice of the business and the commercial community encompassing all its various segments and activities. BCCI is the oldest chamber of commerce in the region and has been developing over years in terms of types and sums of services provided coping with the world’s and country’s economic and social changes and advances witnessed over the years since inception in 1939. The BCCI role has increased and advanced in accordance with the uprising and growth of new and various economic sectors and their contribution to the structure of the national economy. The national and pioneering role of the BCCI is achieved through its Board of Directors being elected by the commercial street and through its specialized arms as a symbol of its sectorial committees (24 committees) representing different economic sectors under the wide umbrella of the broad private sector in the country, this is besides the different joint committees with other stakeholders (15 joint committee), in addition to the other joint business councils for enhancing business exchanges with private sectors of other countries, whereby all the aforesaid as well is being supported by the BCCI executive and managerial team along with the related specialized centers and directorates working in conjunction with each other and constituting a whole encompassing body in providing different services and fulfilling expected role. Therefore, the Chamber is indeed responsible for defending the private sectors rights and protecting its wellbeing as a vital part and a major contributor to the overall economy through discussing issues, suggesting and pursuing solutions, seeking partnerships with concerned stakeholders, supporting private sector throughout crisis and dilemmas and minimizing negative repercussions, and increasing its effectiveness and contribution to the economic and social development in the Kingdom of Bahrain.       


  • Advocating the interests of members and the private sector in the official authorities, in addition to representing them locally, regionally and internationally via established committees, authorities, and federations.
  • Benefiting from the existing centers i.e. the Enterprise Initiative Center , Media and Event Center
  • Benefiting from the findings of Business-related surveys, in addition to the proposals made in coordination with the concerned authorities.
  • Providing ATA Carnet, the international document that permits tax-free and duty-free entry (exports) of goods.
  • Conducting open meetings and workshops that enlighten members of the dynamic changes in the market, and coordinating with regional and international chambers to increase franchising as well as importing and exporting activities.
  • Issuing and approving of certificates of origin.
  • Ratification of the certificates of business owners’ identification, their representatives’ identification, signatures of relevant individuals and their seals.  And verifying goods invoices, as well as all commercial and industrial certificates.
  • Providing members with information about business and investment opportunities, statistics, reports and research in different sectors, in addition to providing them with the analytical economic studies conducted through co-ordination with relevant government bodies.
  • Utilizing BCCI halls for member companies’ meetings by leasing them at competitive prices.
  • Advertising the members’ products and services on BCCI’s website and on the electronic screens available at BCCI’s premises at competitive prices.
  • Participating in local and foreign exhibitions, conferences, and events.  And meeting with business delegations to be acquainted with the investment opportunities.
  • Participating in the bilateral meetings organized by BCCI with foreign trade delegations visiting Bahrain, and seizing the opportunity to build a network of contacts with their counterparts, which shall facilitate future business ventures.
  • Adopting the issues of Bahraini traders and investors, and including their concerns in the agendas of international committees and joint business councils.   Further, seeking to overcome all business owners’ difficulties, hence enabling them to work comfortably with their counterparts from other countries.
  • Assisting members’ business missions to other countries, by providing them with identification and introductory letters to chambers around the world, so as to facilitate their access to key information such as lists of prospective customers and suppliers, and information about their counterparts in different sectors.
  • Eligibility to participate and gain contracts for BCCI projects through tenders.
  • Notifying members of risk factors including fraudulent business transactions, trade bans and sanctions, and bankruptcy of business establishments. Thus protecting the members from incurring losses or facing civil or criminal litigations.
  • Participating in General meetings, and electing BCCI’s Board of Directors, who best assume their interests.
  • Guiding small and medium-sized enterprises in their growth and expansion endeavors, and helping them overcoming their difficulties and increasing their competitiveness in the market. 
  • Candidacy for becoming members of the Board of Directors, and participating in the various committees formed by the board.
  • Offering technical counseling to small and medium-sized enterprises in a spectrum of areas including Marketing, Legal Affairs, Accounting, and Quality.  In addition to guiding and supporting them in conducting feasibility studies and preparing business plans, which facilitate their growth and expansion endeavors and help them overcoming their difficulties and increasing their competitiveness in the market. 
  • Conducting of a range of high quality training courses around the year in specialized areas of demand such as Franchising, Accounting for Non Accountants, Business Models, and Innovation.
  • Facilitating finance and financial linkages through the Enterprise Initiative Center partners.
  • Providing legal opinion on law drafts and proposals addressed to the Chamber by the legislative authority in coordination with the committees relevant to the members.
  • Providing legal consultancy on business matters, and legislating relevant laws.
  • Providing legal advice with regard to the contracts and agreements of the members.
  • Using BCCI’s mechanism for settling trade disputes amicably, through the Department of Legal Affairs, or Arbitration and Trade Dispute Committee.
  • Marketing the events and activities that the chamber organizes and involves the participation of the members via its social media channels  (such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flicker, and Youtube) @BCCIBAHRAIN
  • Providing information about the chamber and the private sector to the media.
  • Providing members with electronic media materials and archive services such as photographs and audio-visual materials.
  • Highlighting the difficulties and obstacles that face all the economic sectors.
  • Strengthening the presence of Bahraini Businessmen in all media channels (press, radio, TV, and the social media).


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